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Career Coach – Career Coaching

Career coaching is a must for anybody looking to start out, enhance or change their careers. Career coaching is now regarded as an absolute must for organisations and companies motivate and retain employees. In 2010 the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel Development) put on a conference solely dedicated to career coaching.

Who Benefits From Career Coaching?
Basically anybody who is starting out on a new career or thinking about changing career or wants to improve their performance within the roles they are already in would benefit from career coaching. Some clients may already be experiencing conflict about certain choices to make such as:

– Which career direction is right for me?
– Should I stay in this job, or find another one?
– Which job offer should I take?
– Which career-building assignments should I be pursuing to fast-track my career?
– When should I take that career break?
– Should I start my own business?
– What should I be doing differently?

What Can I Expect From My Career Coach?
When I provide career coaching it differs largely from my life coaching as it is based on maximising the clients working life and work goals. I do this through helping the client to realise their ‘career-capital’ which consists of their transferable skills, knowledge, work abilities and work strengths. As we work together we explore the various career options available right now, and potentially what’s available after a fine tuning of their skills, knowledge and strengths. Once we have done this we then look at ways for the client to market themselves to new prospective employers or to their current employers.

You can expect full face-to-face career coaching from me personally which identifies your desires, your options, detailed job search strategies and close contact support through the process of job applying and interviewing and after interview analysis. I have a 78% success rate at helping clients achieve successful career placement in the work role they want and with the companies they have targeted at the top of their employer list.

– Understand what is your work-capital and how to use it for good effect
– Identify the key factors which will enable you to perform at your best
– Explore your career options and decide on your next career move
– Access the specialist information and resources you need
– Develop a persuasive sales pitch through your CV and interviews
– Conduct a focused, time-efficient job search strategy
– Enhance your employability for future internal and external opportunities

Job Acquiring Or Career Management
Whether its simply to find a job or whether you are looking for someone to help manage your career, my coaching services can be tailored to suit your needs. With over 20 years of being in business and running companies I have a vast amount of experience with all aspects of working life, recruitment, career advancement, head hunting and candidate marketing. My career management skills range from simple employment acquisition to full career management, I am successful at helping clients attain their life time career goals.