How The Soul Works

How The Soul Works

The soul emanates all our higher senses of being such as joy, peace, contentment and happiness. A person with a well nourished soul will emanate an inner strength, an inner security, peacefulness and a genuine joy at being alive that is not connected to money, possessions, people or circumstance – the old saying ‘by their fruits ye shall know them’ is very much true. When human beings try to manufacture these higher senses of being via material attainment, sex, chemicals and other dead end routes they only succeed temporarily squashing gnawing emptiness of the soul for a short while only to find that it soon returns with a vengeance later on.

The soul is the powerhouse that generates inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, joy, appreciation, contentment and all our higher being states. Nourishing it leads to all sorts of remarkable things happening on the surface of our lives, good things. A truly nourished soul will emanate great happiness and attract great things for the person.

We Make Delusion A Way Of Life
When we come into the world we are excited and full of awe and wonder, naturalness, beauty and innocence. However the more we start to get indoctrinated by the world and its sham through carers attitudes, societys messages (overt and covert) we start to detach from the soul slowly and develop our defence egos against the harsh brushes with the world’s realities. By the time we have reached adulthood we are fully indoctrinated into the world and most people have taken on the way of the world, (power, prestige, money, fame, success, living to work and so on…), as the main aims of life. We really do suffer from the delusion that if we manage our material life well (finance, romance etc) we will be happy. This is a delusion.

We have fallen (innocently so) for the falsehood of life and have no comprehension of true living. Much as the people did back in the day when EVERYBODY thought the world was static in the universe but along came Galileo who proclaimed the world revolved around the sun, everyone though he was mad proclaimed him a heretic and tried to put him to death!

Your Soul Health Check Questions:
Are you content with simply being alive?
Do you feel inner joy and happiness?
Do you feel content?
Do you have peace of mind?
Are you chasing the next thing, person or sensation?
Do you feel a deep connection to a Higher Power (what ever that maybe)?
Are you dissatisfied with life?
Are you depressed?
Do you feel like you are caught up in a rat race you want to break free from?
Are character building and spiritual principles the main aim of your life?
Do you experience a longing sensation for something more than what is?

The above questions will give some picture (when answered) as to the state of your soul, a well nourished soul produces great joy, happiness and contentment. An under nourished soul produces dissatisfaction, discontentment and unhappiness – which is the souls way of telling you to readjust your living and give it what it needs to get on with its job of being happy much the same as the stomach will ache till its fed. I once read a great teacher said “man does not live by bread alone…” and although I am not religious this saying has really come to life for me, it really highlights the fact that we are multi dimensional beings and focusing only on one dimension (material) will lead to poor performance the same as only giving a car petrol and withholding any oil will in the long run lead to a damaged car.