Simple Meditation

Simple Meditation Mind Training Technique

Simple meditation Technique
This is a very simple but potent form of mediation for beginners and master alike. It will help training the mind and produces improvements in mental focus and concentration.


1. Correct Posture
Sit on a chair or stool, or sit cross legged on the floor. Straighten your back, neck and head as if leaning against a flat board. Your posture is important.

2. Relax To Begin
Focus your attention on your toes and feel them relax and you focus on them, then do the same to your ankles, legs, hips, stomach, chest all the way up to the tip of your head. Repeat the process until you are fully relaxed.

3. Become Aware
Now that your relaxed allow your attention to become awre of your body, your surroundings, the noises, any air movements, whether you are warm or cool. Do not attempt to judge anything you become aware of, simply notice it and allow it to be exactly as it is.

4. Breathe
Now start to focus on your own breath, whether it feels warm or cold, feel it go into your nose, mouth, throat and lings and feel it when it comes out again. Remember to breathe deep and regular. Do not judge or try to control it just watch and feel it do its thing.

5. Establish a Mantra
Now its time to repeat a mantra like ‘I am breathing in, I am breathing out’ something simple and easy and keep repeating it. A mantra is a great way to distract the mind and calm it down.

6. Detach from Thought
Whilst you are mediating you might get distracted by thoughts such as the shopping, or what happened yesterday or anything at all. When this happens simply acknowledge the thoughts and return to the mantra and breathing without any judgment. Do not berate yourself for having distractions. Simply watch them come in and watch them go again while you focus on breathing and the mantra.

7. Length of Mediation
You can set any time aside for mediation, its for you! You can start with 4 minutes and progress onto hours. The more comfortable it gets the more easy it becomes to spend more time doing it.

8. Discipline & Perseverance When it comes to mind training through the use of mediation its crucial to keep up a regular set time whether you are tired or feeling low. The discipline and practice will bring the emotional and mental rewards. Keep doing it!