Mind Training

Improve Mental Abilities With Mind Training

Mental Neurosis Or Serenity
If you are sick and tired of the incessant ramblings and repetitive thoughts running through your mind 24/7 then you might want to look at training your mind. A ‘lazy-mind’ will meander, lack focus and concentration ability as well as be a sound breeding ground for mild and full neurosis. The mind is a muscle and allowing it to develop by itself will produce as much result as allowing your body to get fit without any exercise, it simply wont happen. Most people live and die having never having appreciated what a powerful tool they had at their disposal to better their lives.

The Unattended Mind
Left unattended the mind can become a personal tormentor eating away any internal serenity and laying waste to positive opportunities life holds through negative mental ruts and lazy mental imaginings. Weeds of negativity will grow and ritualistic ruts of false perceptions and lazy thinking strategies will flourish resulting in the person living a life less than their potential. This in turn can lead to dissatisfaction and unease with self and potentially depression.

What Is Mind Training
Mind training is ‘developing the practice of exercising your mind’ with a view to achieve control and mastery over this extremely important personal tool for life. The mind is much like any other muscle, such as the heart, the more exercise the heart gets the stronger it becomes and the better it will serve you. The less you exercise you give the heart the weaker it gets and the bigger the chance it will fail you – and so it is with the mind.

Sharper and improved functions enabled through mind training:

– Sharper Sustainable Focus
– Sharper Sustainable Concentration
– Increased Positive Imagination
– Improved Memory
– More Determination Strength
– Calm & Clear Mind
– Higher Mental Alertness
– More Present Moment Awareness
– Improved Bodily Health

Mental Focus Meditation Techniques

  1. Simple Meditation

  2. Lojong Mind Training