Soul Nourishment

Nourishing The Soul

As long as you breathe the soul can be nourished and brought back to life, it can become a real powerhouse of joy, happiness and contentment as well as inspiration, vigour and energy at any time in your life, as the old saying goes “its not over till the fat lady sings”.

Step 1: The trick of living a joyful existence is in realising that you have a soul, that this 4th dimension of living IS the main aim of life, it helps us truly experience life in all its glory. Recognise your soul, feel its fullness or emptiness.

Step 2. Start taking simple little steps each day to nourish the soul, start paying it attention, in doing so you will discover the true meaning of being alive either quickly or slowly but it will come as the soul grows stronger.

Daily Nourishing the Soul Techniques:
– 10 minutes meditation each morning and evening – you will start to feel the benefits in your life within about two-four weeks.
(N.B. The benefits come in and life starts to get better but you may not connect the benefits to your soul nourishing work – don’t be an idiot and stop the thing that brings the good stuff to you!)

Look With The Soul
– Make a decision each morning that through the rest of the day you will LOOK to see the beauty and joy already around you in people and nature. “What you seek you shall find”.

Put In Soul Action
– At least two times a day do something for someone else and DO NOT GET FOUND OUT OR TELL ANYBODY. This will really sting the EGO to do as we all like to boast and be thought of as kind. If we can do this it will nourish the soul massively and bring massive rewards into our personal lives.
(Give your full attention when listening to somebody instead of half listening, empty someones bin, sweep the neighbours path, send someone an anonymous gift…etc big or small they count).

Soul Based Attitudes
– Make a decision that just for today or 1 hour in the day you will not judge anything, you will allow everybody to be as they are without trying to change or regulate them, you will accept the world and life the way it is.
(This will energise the soul and allow it to manifest through your body and mid with a clear channel, this can lead to inspiration, freedom from negativity, creativity and other soul rewards).

Connect With A Higher Power
– Make peace and connect with whatever God, Spirit of the Universe, Buddha or Higher Power you believe in. This is a crucial food for the soul, so whatever blocks, pride, anger, misunderstanding etc you have get rid of them, let them go (if you cant ask what ever higher power you believe in to help you). We have got the wrong end of the stick with our beliefs and attitudes and need to become as new.

Rebellion & Doubt (Mind & EGO)
The above are major nourishing food supplies for the soul and will get any soul back on its feet and firing in no time. But be warned your EGO will not like them and nor will your mind as they offer no materialistic gain or immediate pleasure. These techniques do not fit in with the ‘way of the world’, they are off the mental understanding chart and may experience attacks from both the EGO and min such as – Doubt & Rebellion. The thing to be aware of it that both the mind and the EGO do not know the soul, cannot understand or fathom its ways, cannot control it nor can they benefit from it. So don’t be too hard on them.