Overcoming Phobias

How To Overcome Phobias

Before we look at how to overcome a phobia its important we understand the difference between fear, irrational fear and a phobia. You may find that what you are suffering from is in fact not a phobia. Natural fear is normal and serves to protect us from danger, irrational fear or negative fear is usually created form negative experiences. The effects from being confronted by your fear may be uncomfortable to experience but do not debilitate you.

What Are Phobias
A phobia is an extremely strong irrational fear; it creates an overwhelming need to avoid the focus of your phobia and can create panic and hysteria if actually confronted with the phobia. There are two main types of phobia: simple phobia and complex phobia.

Simple Phobias
Simple phobias are fears about specific objects, animals, situations or activities
Complex Phobias
Complex phobias are often associated with a deep-rooted fear or anxiety about a particular circumstance or situation.

How To Overcome Your Phobia Physically & Mentally
To overcome any phobia you must be willing to treat both the physical element through confrontation and the mental aspect through changing your attitudes and thoughts. Both of these are not easy for the phobic person to do because of the level of anxiety a phobia can cause.

N.B. It is recommended to seek medical advice from your doctor before performing any action on dealing with your phobia.

The Two Main Ways To Treat Phobias

Slow Confrontation of a Phobia – PHYSICAL

Daily Confrontation of Your Phobia – MENTAL

If your phobia is a complex one you might need to talk with a professional about it such as a counsellor, physiologist or doctor. However most phobias can be successfully dealt with using the above techniques mixed with persistence. If you would like to view a full list of phobias click here …