Overcoming Fear

Course: Overcoming & Mastering Fear

Learn to feel confident, motivated and energized so that you can face any challenge, any situation and any previously fearful action brimming with self assured confidence and inner calm. This course on overcoming fear will free you from anxiety, nervousness and the steely grip of fear.

If fear is stopping you from truly enjoying life to the full, if you have reached a point where enough is enough then this course is for you. After you have attended you will be free forever of the fears that have gripped and paralyzed you previously. Many people who have attended have experienced a newfound inner strength and confidence that they use daily.

Overcoming & Mastering Fear Course Details:

Day 1. Fear Uncovered
Learning about fear the facts, biological effects, the purpose of natural fear, difference between irrational fear and phobias, nervousness and anxiety, causes and effects… Day One Overcoming Fear Practical Exercises

Day 2. Facing & Naming Your Fears
Facing and naming your individual fears; fear of relationships, fear of not being lovable, fear of animals, fear public speaking (whatever fears the members of the group have). Group work; find the hidden fears that lie beneath the obvious… Day Two Overcoming Fear Practical Exercises

Day 3. The Other Side of Fear
What irrational fear blocks us from enjoying and doing in life, how it stops us from being successful and fulfilled human beings, what we could achieve without it… Day Three Overcoming Fear Practical Exercises

Day 4. Challenge, Mange and Disband Fear Forever
Learning about ways to challenge, manage and disband your fear easily, sourcing your own inner confidence and faith in yourself, learning to be relaxed and calm at all times… Day Four Overcoming Fear Practical Exercises

Day 5. Living Life Without Fear
Increasing our own inner confidence and faith in ourselves and life, challenging ourselves to enjoy and experience more and how to handle the success and new joy… Day Five Overcoming Fear Practical Exercises

As part of the group or one-to-one course you will be expected to take part in role plays and outside course reading and activity practices.

What To Bring
a) Pad and pen
b) Comfortable clothing