Personal Quality Checklist For PDP’s

Personal Qualities & Strengths
The following list are a set of personal qualities that you may want to consider for your PDP, they can be used for personal, career, study or business development plans.

ABLE TO WORK ALONE – Can you work by yourself when there are no other people around?

AMBITIOUS – Do you want to get ahead? Are you willing to do what it takes to advance? Can you plan your career advancement?

ANALYTICAL – Do you perceive relationships easily? Have you ever solved a problem that had baffled others? Do you like to understand what makes you or other people tick?

COMPETENT – Are you able to meet deadlines? Can you handle reasonability? Can you handle large assignments?

CONGENIAL – Are you a team player? Do you work/play well with other people?

CONSCIENTIOUS – Are you a hard worker? Do you commit to personal and/or business goals? Do you like to do a good job?

COOPERATIVE – Are you willing to help out without any reward? Do you like helping others?

COURAGEOUS – Can you stand up for your beliefs and principles? Are you able to speak out against the crowd if you felt something was wrong?

DECISIVE – Can you make decisions under pressure quickly? Do you stand by the decisions you make?

DIPLOMATIC – Would you help to mediate between people? Are you able to perceive the other persons point of view? Can you resolve disputes easily?

DISCREET – Can you keep confidentiality? Do people confide in you a lot?

EFFICIENT – Do you analyse your work performance to better it? Are you time conscious?

ENTHUSIASTIC – Are you interested in your work/study/spiritual life? Do you get energised by what you do? Do you instil enthusiasm for what you do in others?

HONEST – Can you admin when you made a mistake? Are you trustworthy around sensitive information? Are you willing to sacrifice advancement for honesty?

IMAGINATIVE – Are you creative? Can you come with new ideas in work at play or in your relationships? Have any of your ideas ever transpired into reality?

INDUSTRIOUS – Are you self motivated? Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Have you ever started and completed a task by yourself?

LEADERSHIP ABILITIES – Can you handle responsibility? Do other people usually follow what you suggest? Can you delegate without upsetting people?

LEVEL-HEADED – Do you suffer from mood swings? Do you change your mind regularly? Can people count on you in times of crises?

LOYAL – Can you set aside petty grievances to get a job done? Have you ever been in a situation where you stayed with a project, person or organisation because of a sense of responsibility despite disagreement?

OBSERVANT – Do you remember names easily? Places? Do you recall facts and figures accurately? Find your way in a new locale?

OPEN-MINDED – Are you able to accept ideas contrary to your own? Do you adapt well to change?

ORDERLY – Do you keep things where they belong? Have a knack for arranging things in a logical way? Enjoy detail work?

PATIENT – Can you keep your temper? Are you able to train other workers calmly even when you have to explain some procedures over and over again?

PERSISTENT – Can you stick to a task even when your enthusiasm and patience are thin? Have you ever accomplished something in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

PERSUASIVE – Are you successful in bringing others to your point of view? In selling things and ideas?

PUNCTUAL – Do you consistently arrive on time?

RESOURCEFUL – Do you see what needs to be done and do it without being told? Do you explore every possible means of solving a problem? Have you ever worked your way out of an impossible situation?

SINCERE – Are you honest in your attitude toward yourself and other people? Wholehearted in your expressed interests and enthusiasms?

SYMPATHETIC – Do you try to understand the problems of others? Do people confide in you often? Do you help them?