Realise Full Potential

Realise Your Full Potential Now

Living In Survival Mode Is Not Living!
Most human being’s never realise their full potential, they settle for an image of themselves portrayed through media and society, they see themselves as limited and small, inferior or superior (both are negative). They go about their lives in a survival mode, doing what they need to do to survive their passage on this planet.

Living like this means your life is based simply on existing and most people do the bare minimum to get by believing the LIE that they are not important and their presence in this world does not matter. Unfortunately nearly every human being is indoctrinated into this world with negative and false messages about life and creation, emphasis is placed on the material world with little regard given for the spiritual aspect of being human.

Personal Self Development is about TRUTH
Personal self development is about getting to, understanding and living the truth. Once you understand the truth you will be set free from the dogma and role you have been playing that society has given you. You will be able to choose and live freely – full of joy, happiness and contentment.

You can realise your true self right now, if you choose to, simply staying still emotionally and mentally and allow the universe to unfold at your feet as it’s designed to do. While we are all busy CHASING the happiness and satisfaction, that’s already within us, through relationships, money, prestige and recognition we step out of our selves and the present moment which leads us to feel the emptiness that drives us to try harder and harder which creates more emptiness…and so the dance goes on.

Its Time To Stop Chasing and Stand Still
Usually people start to look at inner self development when all other options have failed to give them what they want and they have ended up suffering from the emptiness, loneliness and inner despair brought on by falling victim to the delusion that their happiness and contentment is attached to the material-worlds shallow trinkets and baubles of money, sex, property and prestige.

When this time comes, and it comes for most people, its time to access who you really are and realise your full potential. You have been eating the crumbs when there is a luxury banquet on offer, its now time to get up off your knees and walk in the light – accept you are a child of the universe full of splendour, power and joy. Stand still in your inner self and allow the dust to settle and the light to shine on through…and it will! You don’t need to do anything or say any magical prayers, you simply need to let go of what your chasing, stop you’re fussing and worrying and allow the universe to come to you.

FEAR Has Been Driving You
Most human’s are driven by fear: fear of not getting something you want or need or fear you will lose something you have. Fear drives us from the very bottom of our soul. Fear it wont be alright, fear we wont be liked, fear we wont get what we want or need, fear we will succeed, fear we will fail, fear of not being a good parent….and on and on it goes. If you can acknowledge and see your fear then you are very close to the miracle of who you indeed.