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Relationships Coach – Relationship Coaching

Relationships are what define our existence on this planet, human beings are not designed to live in isolation, we are community based beings. The way we relate to ourselves, the people around us, work and the world is the biggest factor in whether we live in happiness of dissatisfaction.

Our relationships with friends, family, loved ones and work colleges will usually tell us how we are doing as human beings. Unfortunately as most people experience various levels of dysfunction whilst growing up and through life experiences we start to build false perceptions of our selves and others. We develop coping strategies and life defences that in the begging are there to protect us but when we get older all they do is hinder us.

What relationships we have…
Love Relationships
Family Relationships
Work Relationships
Relationship With Ourselves
Business Relationships
Customer Relationships

Relationship Coaching
Relationship coaching looks with how we interact within relationships, whether that’s loved ones, friends, families or new acquaintances. We need to understand what makes us tick when it comes to relating to ourselves and others and why we react like we do such as:

Why we defend when we should open up?
Why we reject when we should accept?
Why we isolate when we need others?
Why we run in the face of love? Why commitment scares us?
Why we lie instead of tell the truth about who we are?

Love Partner Relationships
In relationship with our loved ones we can fall into crises at certain times, we can fall in and out of love and feel ambivalence towards our partners. We may find that after a while the spark has gone out and its starting to feel like a brother sister relationship. What ever our current situation and circumstance relationship coaching can help by working with you and your partner to better understand your relationship, how to re-invigorate it and re-energise it.

What actions have been destroying your relationship?
How and why the sexes are totally different?
Seeing how your past has affected you and your partner?
How to manage conflict without destroying your relationship?
How to re-establish an exciting connection?
How to work together to achieve interdependence?

How Relationship Coaching Can Help
Relationship coaching is a fantastic way to really boost your relationship potential and experience through analysis, dialogue and action planning and implementation. All human beings need help at some time in their life from other people; it’s a great experience and one that brings massive rewards. Relationship coaching will help you cover those final hurdles you just can’t seem to get passed on your own. It will help you break through those defenses and beliefs that have been blocking you off from truly enjoying who you are, your loved ones and other people.