Self Development & Awareness

Self Development & Awareness

Personal self development is sought by people for two specific reasons: pain and growth. Most people fall into one or the other at certain times in life. The death of a loved one, broken relationship, lost employment or a growing emptiness inside can all lead to personal self development. Alternatively a natural yearning to grow, change and adapt, a transcendental goal or spiritual calling can also lead to seeking to improve and self development.

Reasons For Change Don’t Matter Don’t Matter
The reason why somebody seeks to enhance their personal development and growth does not matter, what actually matters is the change and development that takes place as a result of the igniting reason. There is no hierarchy when it comes to human beings, although the EGO based material world gives the illusion of power to people that have possessions, titles or great wealth the reality is when you strip away the possessions, titles and wealth you are left with a human being and the real aspect of being alive is how you feel inside. If your life has been based on nurturing the materialist EGO instead of the inside soul then when your possessions and wealth are gone you are likely to feel inadequate and unhappy. So if someone changes because of a natural desire to do so and someone else changes because life has forced them to through pain they are both on equal footing as what’s important is the change.

History Of Self Development
Personal self development covers a wide spectrum of human development aspects which include the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical life of the individual. Personal self development has been around since history began going back as early as Confucius in 551BC. It has been called many things such as ‘Self Development’, ‘Self Awareness’, ‘Self Knowledge’ and many more terms.

Hellenistic Philosophy which was founded by Zeno of Citium around the 3rd BC and included versions such as Sophism, Platonism and Stoicism, Hellenistic Philosophy had various schools of thought linked to it which were all geared around self improvement and reaching happiness through understanding.

The Main Aims of Personal Self Development
Improvement of life for the person is the aim of personal self development through understanding, application of certain practices, techniques and attitudes. Seeking a better quality of life through self development is not easy and sometimes can involve some painful truths and sacrifices but they usually lead to the person experiencing new joy, new peace and a new relationship with life and the world about them.

Three Main Areas Of Self Growth & Development
There are three main areas covered when it comes to personal awareness and growth and they are:

1. Analysis
Gathering information, researching and learning about yourself, the world around you and life which leads to:
2. Understanding / Awareness
Better understanding and awareness of spirituality, life and who you are and what makes you tick which leads on to:
3. Practical Application
Putting what you understand and have now become aware of into practice, the old truth ‘Faith without works is dead’ is a literal truth when it comes to self development because if you don’t practice what you have learned and now understand it has all bee a waste of time.

All aspects of life from business, politics, love and friendships deal with personal self development, they all hinge on beliefs, structures, needs, responses, attitudes and physical movement. Understanding oneself is the key to a successful, happy and fulfilling life in business, love and friendship:


”It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”