Personal Self Development Course

Course: Personal Self Development

If you are experiencing a downturn in your mental and emotional life, feeling the emptiness and tedium of life as you now experience it or if you just don’t quite feel like you belong this course is for you.

Sometimes our very souls can ask us to change and become who we really are, the soul can knock our door in various ways; depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, emptiness and frustration. All of these are positive if they lead to change what we need to change, become who we are meant but they can be slow torture from the inside out if we don’t know how to acknowledge and respond to them.

The Course on Self Development
My self development course will help you to get in touch with the truth of who you are and help you realise your full splendour and absolute right to be here.


Day 1. Introduction
A bit about me, my background and life…

Day 1. Discover Who You Are
Find out your true nature, stop, look and listen to yourself for the first time, learn to understand how you work and what makes you tick…

Day 2. Throw Out The False You & Face Your Fear
Get rid of falsehoods about yourself, most of the time we are not who we think we are or how we present ourselves. Its time to get rid of the old untrue ideas of who you are and not only face but challenge the fear that prevents you becoming who you want to be…

Day 3. Develop Your Attraction Muscle
Develop powerful positive thinking strategies that work, attract good things in your life, seek and get positive outcomes to situations, use the brain as it should be used…

Day 4. Crush Debilitating Self Talk
Why we do this, where negative self talk comes from and stopping hurting yourself through negative criticism and needless put downs…

Day 5. Learn Realisation Skills That Work For You
Learn to develop self realization, mental focus and concentration abilities with minimum of effort that will produce dramatic effects…

There are two attendance options for this course:

1. Attend a group course with other people.
2. Attend on a one-to-one personal basis.

As part of the group or one-to-one course you will be expected to take part in role plays and outside course reading and activity practices.

What To Bring
a) Pad and pen
b) Comfortable clothing