Spiritual Awakening

Course: Spiritual Awakening

This course helps you experience and explore your own understandings of spirituality and the life giving force some people call Spirit of the Universe, God, Buddha or a Higher Power. It will help you get rid of any negative perceptions that may be blocking you from your own personal connection and more importantly empower and renew your spiritual life with a new on-going energy that will filter through to all areas of your life.

Gain a conscious contact with a God of YOUR understanding that will provide a source of unlimited help, peace and joy in your daily life. Learn to connect to the universal energy that is and allow the abundance of joy it is to transform you and your life.

The Spiritual Awakening Course


Day 1. Discovering Spirituality
Discovering spirituality; what it is and what it is not, the spiritual way of life, where does spirituality comes from, life the universe and spirituality… Day One Spiritual Awakening Practices.

Day 2. Opening The Mind, Heart & Soul
Analyzing our beliefs, prejudices and fears of GOD, discovering an open mind and ways to practice this, becoming open to new experiences and understandings… Day Two Spiritual Awakening Practices

Day 3. Learning To Listen
Learning to listen to the universe communicating with you, hearing the joy of life within yourself through silent mediation, mental focusing and letting go… Day Three Spiritual Awakening Practices

Day 4. Creating Happiness and Joy Through Spirituality
Learning to create happiness and joy through working with spirituality, learning to trust this ‘Higher Power’ and learning to take risk with faith… Day Four Spiritual Awakening Practices

Day 5. Practical Applications To Increase Joy & Contentment
The result of a spiritual way of life is ultimately contentment and joy, learn practical applications that will increase spirituality in you and give you an abundance of contentment and joy… Day Five Spiritual Awakening Practices

As part of the group or one-to-one course you will be expected to take part in role plays and outside course reading and activity practices.

What To Bring
a) Pad and pen
b) Comfortable clothing