Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coach – Spirituality Coaching

Spiritual coaching is a great way to increase your own spiritual understanding and way of life. As a spiritual coach my role is not to sway you to my beliefs and understanding, but help you expand on your own. Spiritual coaching does not focus on religion, it focuses on the clients agenda for seeking out spiritual coaching in the first place.

Main Aims Of Spiritual Coaching

1. Spiritual Exploration
Spiritual exploration involves working with you through a series of techniques, practices and dialogue to gain a better insight into what works for you and what does not.

2. Nurturing The Spirit Within
Working with you to uncover your own spirituality and develop action goals and ways to increase your own awareness and practice of daily spiritual living according to your beliefs and goals.

Your Religious and Spiritual Beliefs
Your religious and spiritual beliefs are precious and my role as a spiritual coach is to help you realise the benefits of these beliefs so they empower you in your daily life. It is not my job to sway or bend your beliefs to fit in with mine or anybody else’s, everybody has the absolute right to believe as they do. Spiritual coaching is there to enhance your understanding, application and experiences of the beliefs you have.

My Role As A Spiritual Coach
My role as a coach is to enable you to have a safe place to explore, learn and develop your beliefs and thoughts around spirituality so they are working for you and not against you. I will help, challenge and support you so you can realise your full potential as a spiritual human being, I am comfortable with all forms of mainstream religious and spiritual practices.

I believe that running through the centre of every human being is the truth, a spiritual essence that’s unique to each individual, I cannot know your truth, only you can, and that what spiritual coaching is all about, getting you in touch with the unique truth inside you, my role to aid that happening.