Telesales Training & Team Development

If you have a telesales department then utilising this course for your telesales staff will increase their call rates and quality, increase their pitching, closing and sales and reduce the amount of orders that fall out of bed.

Most companies employ telesales staff and provide a minimum of training hoping that the telesales staff will use sheer determination and hard graft to produce the much required sales. This is good, but you can do a lot better by turning your telesales staff from number chasers into star performers increasing their individual return by up to 60%.

I have worked as a star telesales staff for over 10 years, then progressed onto to managing telesales staff, once I acquired my first company I recruited and trained telesales teams and then went on to provide outsourced telesales services setting up teams in the UK and call centres abroad. I know what it means to be a successful telesales staff; I know the pitfalls and the solutions. This course is designed to increase and improve your staff performance leading to more orders!

Who This Course Is for:

Telesales Staff
Telesales Team Leaders
Telesales Managers


Using the telephone; advantages and disadvantages
Understanding why customer care is important
The Pitch – Angles, Personality & No Pitch
Preparing to Call
Opening the Telephone Call.
Putting The Customer At Ease
Gaining and Keeping Control
Structuring the Call
(Day One start 9.30 finish 4.30pm – Lunch + tea and coffee breaks)

Communication Skills Selling Features and Benefits (and when to present the product)
Dealing with Objections
Use the staircase of commitment
Dealing With Rejection
Develop an endless supply of leads
Make outgoing sales calls with confidence to a high degree of professionalism
(Day Two start 9.30 finish 4.30pm – Lunch + tea and coffee breaks)

Understand the importance of customer service in a telesales environment
Demonstrate active questioning and listening skills
Understand how to identify needs
Learn how to cross sell and up sell
Making a telesales call using all stages from opening the call to closing the call
Close the sale more effectively
(Day Three start 9.30 finish 4.30pm – Lunch + tea and coffee breaks)

The Course Location:
Conducted throughout the South of England. This course is conducted on-site at your offices (alternate training location can be arranged on request).

Course Cost:
£380.00 Per Person