The Soul

The Soul Is The True Powerhouse

An emptiness right in the centre of your being, a gnawing dissatisfaction with life, a ‘just not quite made it yet’ feeling, a lingering sense of purposeless…all of these are symptoms of having lost your connection to the ultimate source of life, happiness and joy, and its easily done in today’s world unfortunately. This growing sense of dissatisfaction and mild frustration is becoming an epidemic as people are starting to become disillusioned with the world and its way.

Today there are literally millions of people living life without any true connection to life and the universal energy that powers all things. They have lost that inner sense of awe and joy at being alive and living with hope and faith. The commercial aspect of living has permeated all areas of people’s lives and the consequences are that people have lost their inner connection to a power greater than themselves. Thankfully, although this inner connection can take years to erode in an individual and decades in society, it’s easily attained again. In fact it’s pretty much instantaneous and starts to generate the inner joy, peace of mind and contentment straight away.

Its Time To Get Honest

There comes a time in most peoples lives when they look at the way they have been living, their driving forces in life such as money and security, relationships and sex, euphoria and excitement. When this time comes if we can be honest with ourselves deep down, if we can give ourselves some time to genuinely reflect most people will admit that despite their getting and achieving they still feel they have not arrived at a place were they are content and happy. There still seems to be a sense of emptiness and lack of fulfilment deep down in their soul, like a distant ache they just don’t seem ever to satisfy. This is all a natural feeling in the same way as an empty stomach will ache and let you know through discomfort that it needs food the soul tells us when its empty and needs nourishing.

The Soul Does Not Digest Rubbish

The problem with feeding the soul is most people don’t even know it exists, let alone how to nourish it properly and no wonder. In today’s society there is practically nothing that helps us learn about this fourth dimension of life, even religions seem to now lack the conviction and spirituality they once held claim to. When a person’s soul becomes empty it craves spiritual nourishment and creates an emptiness which can be described as a ‘hole in the soul’ this cannot be fixed or filled with material / physical things, it cannot / will not be satisfied with anything apart form its true source of nourishment.

When most human beings feel this sense of emptiness, dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment they do not really understand what their soul is telling them, they tend to get into ‘chase and fix’ mode. They believe this emptiness to be around lack of material things like success, money, relationships, clothes and on and on it goes, but no matter how much they get, what they achieve, the sense of dissatisfaction and emptiness returns to haunt them. When they get disillusioned with the materialistic chase, attainment and dissatisfaction cycle, some people start to turn to chemicals like alcohol, drugs and go on to develop full blown addictions in the pursuit of alleviating the torment of an empty soul.

The problem is not that people don’t want to spiritually nourish the soul, its that people don’t actually know what the problem is. Society has taken 1000’s of years to eradicate the spiritual aspect of the human being through focusing on materialism, pleasure seeking and surface living that most human beings alive today don’t even know they have a soul let alone understand it’s the most important aspect of being alive.