Access Unlimited Power

Access Unlimited Power And Realise Your Dreams

Commit With Heart, Mind & Soul

When the heart, mind and soul are aligned you are able to tap into the source of all energy and power, this power drives the universe and is connected to everything. We are miraculous beings, our physical bodies and brains are a so complex we still do not fully understand their workings. The consciousness we have is the single most important aspect of our being and sets us apart from all creation as unique.

We were not made for the mundane or to live as animals, as scientists have stated it seems as if the entire universe is geared up for the creation and support of life and I believe this. It’s no accident we are here, that you’re here, that you’re reading this right now…

Achieve Great Things of Marvel & Splendour

When a human being sets his or her heart, mind and soul on something that is good and acts on this then the universe will move to make it so – and this is the truth. The trick is having all three aligned and then putting action in. Einstein followed what was in his heart with his soul and mind, Martin Luther King believed in his dream with all his soul, heart and mind, in fact all the great people that stand out in history did the same and their achievements were phenomenal and still are.

A House Divided Falls

When the mind, heart and soul are at conflict so is the power of the universe, it simply cannot act as there is no clear channel for it to flow and work its magic. So most human beings exist on their own singularity, like islands, they put enormous amounts of personal energy into achieving small things and make themselves tired and live in a state of mild dissatisfaction, depression un-ease. By acting as single entities, disconnected from the universe and living on pure self driven energy is like owning a Rolls Royce and manually pushing it everywhere, only to enjoy the pleasure of sitting in her when she is still.

Aligning The Heart, Mind & Soul

By aligning the heart, mind and soul you create a clear channel between you, the unlimited power in the universe and what you want and literally nothing is impossible for you to achieve. To align all three areas you first must search yourself for your true calling. This does need to be saving the world as in Colonel Saunders example, his heart, soul and mind were dedicated to the production of his special chicken recipe which he believed in, so much so had nearly 900 knock-backs from potential outlets before one agreed to use his recipe.

There is no point accessing a car if you do not plan to drive anywhere and the same goes for the unlimited power in the universe. To access it you must have a calling, a use or something you want to achieve whether that’s material, emotional or spiritual. Your desire or need calls forth this power in the universe and depending on your commitment and belief (heart, soul and mind) will determine the quality of flow through you of this unlimited universal power.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself

1. What is Your Single Most Highest Desire?

2. Is it worthwhile for you and/or other people?

3. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to commit to its happening?

4. Are you willing to put your heart, mind and soul into it until it happens?

If you can answer the above questions positively and clearly then you are ready to access the unlimited power of the universe to aid you in helping you bring into reality your dream. If you’re not clear on what you want or its merit then how can the universe move your goal? Be clear, be committed and believe!