Spiritual Journey

What Is A Spiritual Life (Contd…)

A Hard Lesson To Learn
Its been a very hard lesson and one that’s not over yet, if we manage to come through without killing the whole planet we might succeed in learning a different way to live. However to attain true happiness and joy of living we will need to sacrifice the personal gain aspect of our ways and this will not be a smooth easy transition. It will be easy for the poor living on the street or the family without food to let go of pride, greed and narcissism for the sake of an improved way of living for all. However it will not be easy for the people benefiting from the materialistic way of life we have, the high flyers and 1% of humanity that hold 98% of its wealth.

The Individuals Quest For Spirituality
So the question is how can we live a better way of life amidst this world of have’s and have not’s, a world dictated by non-spiritual values? The answer is to go within, connect with the true source of life and power, and this is the only true path there is. It’s up to the individual to seek out his or her own spiritual path in this world and try to place spiritual principles at the forefront of their own lives – despite what the rest of the world is doing.

This is not an easy task, the world of commerce and the practicalities of daily living place unrelenting demands on individuals. This demand bleeds them of personal inner space, internal peace of mind and a true life perspective. The demands and pressures most ordinary people are under crush the spirit and refuse to allow for personal development and spiritual living and it’s up to the individual to fight for a spiritual space within the world’s clamour.

There is no judgement from nature or the spirit of the universe or indeed God, I believe, for either developing or not developing a spiritual life, as we are punished by our wrong living and not for it. The main reason for seeking a spiritual solution and living a spiritual way of life is to partake of the fruits it bears such as joy, contentment, peace of mind and true happiness. These are a much better way to experience and live your life as opposed to the continuous empty chase of the never never. However the choice is completely up to us as individuals which world we want to live in – the spiritual or the material.