Enjoy The Spiritual Life

What Is A Spiritual Life (Contd…)

Does Spirituality Mean Poverty?
Does the pursuit of a spiritual life mean you have to quit your job? Leave your family and friends? Wear a sack cloth and preach about God in the street? Live in poverty for the rest of your days? Hardly!

There are many successful business men and women who have abundance in material wealth that live spiritual lives, the spiritual life is not the absence of wealth its quite the opposite. A spiritual life means to live in unfathomable abundance every day of your life, experience a joy and peace not of this worlds making. We all need to eat, we all need friends and family and we all need security. It simply means that we start living by spiritual principles first and foremost and wear the world as a loose garment. We partake in the world, we perform our work, we play with our friends but the number one focus of our lives is to enhance our spiritual growth by not letting money, prestige or material success come before our spiritual wellbeing.

Example 1
An example of this would be lets say you are at work and the chance comes to get a promotion which means more money, more prestige and more comfort but the cost of getting the promotion is to step o the toes of your fellow workers. The material answer is to do what ever it takes to get ahead, the spiritual answer however would be advance but not at the cost of harming someone else.

Example 2
Another example might be that your lonely and next door neighbours wife would like to spend some time with you, you know it would upset and hurt her husband to do so. So the choice are based on either material, you go ahead despite the harm it may cause to please yourself or you sacrifice what might be for the sake of not hurting someone else.

The above examples show clearly how we can place the spiritual way of living first and if we do so we avoid the inner self dislike of ourselves, the guilt and remorse that keeps us awake at and the resulting low self worth that follows. Instead you gain peace of mind not worrying about the hurt you have caused, you gain self respect and integrity and all this leads to self worth – something you can’t buy.