Decide To Live Spiritually

What Is A Spiritual Life (Contd…)

Make A Sane Choice How You Want To Live
It all boils down to what you want from life and how you want to live. You can chase ambitions, success and glory or sex and fame or money and pleasure. All these things you can have but in the end you and I both know that in and of themselves there is a deep emptiness and dissatisfaction. How many times have you heard of enormously wealthy and famous people committing suicide in outright despair even through their every material desire was fulfilled? It’s simply not a sane and rational choice. Once would only decide to attain the above at the cost of their inner peace if they were suffering fro the delusion that happiness comes from wealth. Happiness is a by product of right living and following spiritual principles in all areas of our lives.

A spiritual way of life simply means trying to apply spiritual values and principles into the various areas of your life. You may or may not become materially wealthy, you may or may not attain fame, but the great thing is whether you do or you don’t you will be happy, content and joyous most of the days of your life and is this not what we are truly seeking by acquiring wealth and fame?

By right living you will gain peace of mind, inner security, inner joy and inner peace which is not dependant on a thing, person or place. It is indestructible by anything or anyone but you and your actions. Heaven is truly upon us if we open our eyes and let go of our delusions, our misguided attitudes and perceptions about life.